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Hello world….again

Posted in Uncategorized by abhijeetrawle on August 13, 2009

A new blog, a new start. I kept procastinating the second coming though I kept getting the urge to move out of the 140 characters confines of Twitter. A tweet from an old friend was the push I needed. So, here’s me raising a toast to a fresh start. May Ganesha show the way!

A few FAQs:

Q. Who the hell am I?

A. An average Indian, with mind cluttered with hundreds of thoughts about thousands of topics, attempting to gather a few thoughts and put them on blog

Q. Whats with the second coming?

A. Attempted to blog years back, gave it up with reasons ranging from writer’s block, got a 5 pm ‘Delta-Northwest deal analysis report’ deadline, to plain old lethargy. Blogging is my meditation and I missed it.

Q. Nothing but anything?

A. Put some thought into what the new blog would be about. Sports, philosophy (which i dont know anything about), politics, women, movies?Couldn’t put a finger to one subject on which I have expertise. So, random musings on everything it shall be.

Q. What’s up with the “Om” image?

A. I can’t think of a better image. Too lazy to make something in photoshop. “Om” would be consistent with my “blogging is my meditation” tag huh?

Q. What will you give us to subscribe to this blog?
A. If you know me, you have been already spammed on twitter as I attempt some viral marketing. If you subscribe, you shall get free tickets to a private screening of “Chandni chowk to China”  or “Kambakkt Ishq” or absolutely nothing. Take your pick.


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  1. Rupali said, on August 13, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    Good on ya , mate! Now keep writing.

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