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The road to resurrection

Posted in Uncategorized by abhijeetrawle on January 14, 2010

OK, so something finally got me off the state of inertia and I’m back (yet again) to ramble on. Subject for the day – Liverpool’s way out of this miserable form. A few suggestions from a fan to anyone who cares about the club:

1. Time off from the training for the entire team and the support staff

Don’t train for a week, don’t see each other’s faces, don’t read the newspapers. Pack your bags and take a 1 week vacation. The first team can compete mano e mano with any team in the world, they have the ability – what they lack is the belief. No amount of training in the world can  cure a losing mentality. 6 months back Liverpool could dig out results because they had the belief in themselves that they could win. After finishing 2nd to Man Utd yet again after kicking everyone’s rear in the top four, the team including Gerard and Carragher seem to have resigned to the fate that they can’t win the league. Give the first team some time off…maybe a beach vacation can bring back the focus…

2. Bring back Nemeth/sign van Nistelrooy

Of all the decisions taken by Benitez in the summer, the most baffling for me was loaning out Krisztian Nemeth to AEK Athens. The youngster looks like a star in the making and I thought this would be the season in which he would challenge Torres for a spot or fill in for Torres when he was injured. We need to get the lad back. He’s the kind of player that will play the Fox in the Box that Liverpool need when Torres is injured. Another player who I feel is still hungry is a forgotten Galactico – Ruud Van Nistelrooy. He needs to be in the world cup and what better time for Liverpool to get him till the end of the season. Torres seems to be crocked at the moment with a groin injury. So do the right thing, send him into surgery and get Van Nistelrooy to cover for him till the end of the season.

3.  Clear out the fringe players, bring in fresh players in the first team:

Take the decision on Babel NOW! Either play him as a striker or ship him out. He’s not a winger, he can’t play as a winger. So if he’s destined to play in that position which he hates, then let him try his trade at a club where he can show his best. What’s the point of having a squad of 48 players if the second string is not good enough to progress beyond a round in the League Cup? Degen, Itandje, Babel, Aurelio need to go. Give more chances to youngsters like Ayala, Pacheco, El Zhar.

4. Don’t sack Benitez

So Liverpool are having a bad season. So he made a few gambles in the transfer market which didn’t pay off. So, he hasn’t won a trophy in 4 years. Sack him? Who will you get to replace him?

Well, for every Babel and Keane he signed, Benitez has also brought in Mascherano (biggest transfer coup in the Premier League in the last 5 years) and Torres. For a bad 2009-10 he had an excellent 2008-09. He’s brought in youngsters and has done a massive overhaul of the Academy. He’s taken the club back to its roots and got back people like Sammy Lee and Dalglish who live and breathe Liverpool. Give him 1 more season. I think we’ll see the fruits of his efforts of building the club next season. Shield him from the press, from those moments of lunacy in front of the press. Who will you get to replace him?Guus Hiddink – who can win but changes clubs like babies needs their diapers changed?or Mourinho – who starts on a project only to leave it half finished? Rafa is the best man for the job at the moment. He’s given too much to this club, the least we can do is give him 1 more season.


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