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BPL season preview

Posted in Uncategorized by abhijeetrawle on August 14, 2009

Another season of the Barclays Premier League is upon us. More Saturday and Sunday afternoons in front of the TV trying to catch atleast 1 game, more of tracking scores on good ol’ Beeb, more ManYou guys sucked tonite calls (last year was a good one with home and away wins for the Reds). Anyway, the new season will have some cliches as ever. Here’s a look at a few of ’em:

Sir Alex and the refs

Aah, those precious post-match interviews when Sir Alex turns purple like a beet root and launches scathing attacks on the refs. He is already warming up for the season with this rant after the Community Shield match


Rafa’s ideas and quality

Rafa Benitez demonstrating a command over the English vocabulary with his pre-match and post-match interviews…”We showed quality”, “I spoke to the owners, they know my idea”, “<insert player name here> is a player with quality, he knows my idea”.

Wenger’s “I didn’t see it” routine

Aah yes, Arsenal teenagers waving their hands in front of their faces and the crowd shouting “You can’t see me” before they seemingly attempt to rough up opponents inside the box and dive once in a while.

Rafa vs Sir Alex vs Wenger

Chelsea managers feel left out of the great war of words between these three Alpha managers. Expect more gibes on not winning enough titles, fixtures favouring United, Benitez wasting money on transfers but not winning much and Sir Alex writing off everyone else other than Chelsea as their title contenders. I miss Mourinho!

Tottenham’s big 4 chase

Tottenham should rename their team as the Tottenham Wild Coyotes. Yet another pre-season build up about this being Tottenham’s season. A weak start to the season followed by firing of 3 managers followed by resurgence in the latter half only to give hope for the next season. Meanwhile, Redknapp will build a team of ex-proteges and ex-Arsenal players. (You can replace Tottenham with Manchester City, Redknapp with Mark Hughes and Arsenal with Manchester United)

Joey Barton in jail, Drogba’s love-hate relationship with Chelsea

Barton might be playing in the Championship this season but that won’t stop him from roughing up the manager and having a good old fashioned pub brawl. Drogba will whine and complain but wont leave Chelsea.

Mourinho restating Manchester United ambition

He might have won all the cups in the world but one title eludes him – “Manager, Manchester United Football Club”. Mourinho being Mourinho will talk to the press about his ambitions and keep showering Sir Alex with praises and wine bottles. Sir Alex will get his year long supply of wine with a note that says “Retire hone ka time hua kya baba?”

Takeovers, more money, more restructurings

Last season it was Manchester City, now its Portsmouth’s turn to realise its mega million dollar takeover dream. Premiership walking on thin ice. Look at Newcastle, Liverpool.

Real Madrid courting Man U players

Sometime in January, expect press buzz on Real Madrid approaching Man U for Antonio Valencia and Berbatov.

Blessed Saturdays and Sundays

Saturday afternoon = beer + TV + hard tackling, great runs, spectacular goals. Life doesn’t get better than this!

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